I’m not running the business – I’m helping learn to fly!

If you want to fly a Powered Paraglider – I will help you learn and fulfill your dream. My main training site is Constant Bay – Dunrobin  in Ottawa area so you do not have to travel to get the training. Mostly I’m training at evening time when the weather is good. The flying and training season from middle of March to end of October.  Also I’m flying tandems with people who interested to know about our sport on trike and from foot.

Foot launch or Trike . Together, we will choose the best equipment for your expectation and abilities, and the best schedule for ground school and flying. So at the end of the course you will be ready to fly safely on your own and pass the Transport Canada required exam to get your Pilot License.

Who can be a PPG Pilot?

  • You can become a student at 14 years old and begin flying.
  • After 16 years of age, even if you are 150 years old, you can became a licensed Ultralight / Powered Paraglider Pilot.
  • Medical Fitness – Category 4, and it is self-declared. If you feel that you can fly – you will fly.
  • If you can run 30-40 meters / yards with 40-50 lb / 20-25 kg on you back, you can learn foot launch.
  • If not – Trike or Quad wheel launch will be your option.
  • Weight is not a factor as modern PPG equipment can fit your requirements.
  • We will choose the equipment which is best for you.
  • If you want to fly I will help you!

About me

I’m a certified by Transport Canada Ultralight PPG instructor. I began flying at the age of 14, first a Jak-52 than a hang glider. I took an undesirable brake from flying for about 20 years… I got back to skydiving 10 years ago, but found that I enjoy flying much more, rather then falling. That is how I discovered Powered Paragliding and have been flying for 10 years already. Still sounds boring? 🙂 … OK…Maybe this will sound better…

– I love flying! I love flying with friends and I love teaching how to fly!  I’m the Instructor, Chief Instructor and the owner of Ottawa Powered Paragliding School. I do have a day job which I enjoy also.  Therefore, as a busy man, I understand how important it is to spend every hour of training efficiently, without cutting any corners and, at the same time, have fun.

My main flying site was the Carp Airport but when new manager come he was let’s say politely “very non friendly” to powered paragliders pilots therefore I moved my operations to the Constance Bay – Dunrobin area and we can fly from practically anywhere. We need just big field. 


You can contact by email: OttawaPPG@hotmail.com

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/OttawaPPG/

I’m using Facebook account for short notice announcements or updates.