Keep in mind that following equipment has been carefully selected after long research and practical evaluation from many different vendors and options  

AirConception Nitro – this motor unit you will be using during the course also it is recommended for purchase. This motor will be best choice if you are under 250 lb. If heavier better go with Tornado.

AirConception Tornado (for 250 lb +). I’m using it for foot launch tandems.

Trikes or quad :
  AirConception Trike or with Nitro or Tornado engine with 3 blade prop.



Apco Lift 2EZ PPG version – the wing which I recommend to buy before beginning of the course. Apco Lift 2 EZ have easy upgrade option. Just switching risers and your first wing became faster and more responsive keeping the same safety level. When your flying skills start buzzing you to get more advance wing than instead of purchasing new one you will just upgrade yours.

 Reserve: Apco Mayday recommended for purchase because it is increase safety.

Kiting harness: Apco Split Legs Harness. Certified for free flying and PPG.
Recommended for purchase . You should practice kiting as often as possible because it will help you build and improve necessary skill to became better pilot.

Student’s Helmet: Provided for flying lessons.