The training Syllabus is long and contain many details and we will go through it on the orientation session. My course based on the “SAFETY FIRST” approach and adapted experience from the best schools and instructors in the world.

During 12 training days or sessions you will get:

  • 20 hours of ground school training.
  • Minimum 5 hours of flight time.
  • Minimum 30 flights.
  • Emergency procedures training.
  • Reserve Parachute deployment training.
  • Safety training

Session is the 3-5 hours (in the same day) of the practical training in the field when we working together. This time is very valuable therefore student with equipment should be ready before I come to the field for not to waste an any minutes. If we will find that weather or environment not safe for exercise we can move session to other day.

We live in really specific weather area, therefore 1 or 2 weeks training not really working here because sometimes we have 1-2 weeks non flyable weather. Also we oriented on building very strong skills and confidence and this is taking time also. Additional to this most of students have day jobs and all those factors stretching the training sometimes through 1-3 months . This is why all of our students have strong skills, know the weather, safety and ready to fly with confidence after graduation on their own.